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Norah’s Art

Like many other people, art was a late-comer to my life. Before the mid-nineties art in its many permutations was something someone else did. That changed in 1994 when my son, Christopher, invited me to visit Ucluelet, a small community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. On that visit, I got re-acquainted with Terry McKinnon, a master carver who I had known 25 years before in Port Hardy, B.C.

It was Christopher  who got me into wood carving, a sometimes paid hobby, that lasted 15 years until a wind storm came through and lifted the carving tent into the trees.  

After retiring from the hectic pace of business and moving to Powell River, I had the time and freedom to pursue other forms of art, including small clay sculptures, creating a garden (an art form of its own), and taking up painting.

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Wood Art

Wood Carving


Acrylic Painting

Clay Sculptures

Clay Sculptures

Garden Art

Garden Art