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The Hero’s Gallery

The Hero’s Gallery is a way to make the statement that one person can make a difference. The people selected are young and old, male and female, and black and white. We are familiar with their story because of what they have achieved, but they achieved what they did because they had a dream and belief so strong that all obstacles had to give way.

Click an image for links to more information and to read a short comment on why the person was selected.

Freedom Fighters

Mother Teresa

Ryan Hreljac

Rick Hansen

Candy Lightner

Albert Einstein

Candy Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (M.A.D.D.), was instrumental in changing the drinking and driving laws in more than one country.  Candy, a most impressive lady, stands out as an example of what one otherwise ordinary person can do when the motivation is strong enough. I highly recommend you take a few minutes of your time to read her full story.

Rick Hansen has the dubious honour of being the only hero I’ve ever had in my many years of kicking around. Why? Simply because through all the media attention, not to mention the sheer effort and pain it took to wheel around the world, I got the impression it never went to his head; that he understood it is the message that is important, not the messenger.

To see what Rick’s doing now check out his Website

Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Ghandi and  Martin Luther King, Jr. all devoted their lives to the freedom of their people with two of them being killed for their cause. So it seems appropriate to put these three men together and call them ‘freedom fighters’. Each man  will continue to stand tall in the annuls of history as examples to all people still held in the icy grip of prejudice, social injustice, and dictatorship.

Click a link above for more information on each of these hero’s.

I read about  Ryan’s Well in Readers Digest (Jan/01) and was awed that the heart of a six-year-old could be so touched by strangers in another country.

Ryan Hreljac, with the support of  his family, planted just one seed to bring clean water to one village in Africa.  From that seed a very large tree of service has grown.  Ryan’s is a wonderful story of what one person can do, even when that person is just a little boy.
Ryan’s Website

The original reason for including Albert Einstein was that he has such a wonderful face - one just made for carving a likeness in wood. But then I did some research and found to my pleasant surprise that he was a vehement pacifist and a man with a strong social conscience; two qualities that make any human a hero in my mind.

Read his essay, which is part of a website devoted to his life.

“We can do no great things - only small things with great love.”

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“I finally found my vocation and it is love”

Mother Teresa’s own words speak perfectly why she has been chosen for the Hero’s Gallery.

Her life of Service

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