Fluid Art           with Norah About Adopt a Painting Adopted

Needing something to do while recovering from hip surgery, I started painting again. The difference this time is that I got hooked on fluid art, aka acrylic pours, and as a result learned a whole lot more about painting in general from watching a LOT of videos. As you will see, my preference is to combine painting with a fluid art technique of which there are several.

What I can tell you for sure is that this type of art is a lot of fun because, even though you might have a plan, the end result is often a surprise. Some of those surprises have been painted over; others have been kept.


Feel free to reach out anytime by sending an email to fluid.art.with.norah.leclare@gmail.com

Should you see a painting you would like in your home or as a gift, it  can be purchased with cash upon delivery in the Powell River area or by sending a e-transfer .

However, if you see something you really like but your budget doesn’t include art purchases, then by all means reach out. Together we can figure something out to get the painting into your home.

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